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Water pipes have more than 10 billion bacteria in them, new study finds

It’s a pretty common misconception that plumbing is just an empty shell that keeps water from flowing, but the latest study published in The Lancet shows the opposite is true.

Researchers have shown that even though pipes are a huge component of modern life, they’re not necessarily sterile.

They’re riddled with bacteria and viruses that can infect humans and other organisms, and can also carry diseases.

A study published last month in the journal PLOS One showed that there were a total of 1,988 bacterial species in the pipes of 1.2 billion people living in China.

The majority of these were pathogenic and were found in pipes and valves used in the home.

Researchers found that some of the most common organisms found in these pipes were:• The protozoa Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which cause pneumonia, and the protozoan Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can cause tuberculosis.• Clostridium difficile, which causes diarrhea and vomiting and can lead to respiratory infections.• Cryptococcus aureus, which is a fungus that causes pneumonia, pneumonia, diarrhea, and stomach and bowel problems.• Giardia and salmonella, which are food-borne pathogens that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

There are some positives to this research.

In the US, many public water systems in California and elsewhere use pipe insulation that has been designed to protect the pipes from the elements.

In China, the majority of public water supply is treated with a highly toxic chemical called chloramine, which kills off many bacteria and fungi.

In the US as well, pipes are often treated with an anti-bacterial agent called “pVC” that kills bacteria.

These are often used in indoor plumbing to seal off the pipes, and they also help filter out contaminants.

But even if you’re not using these methods, you’re still at risk for waterborne diseases.

This new study, the most comprehensive to date, looked at the health effects of pipes and found that pipes can become contaminated with the most virulent and pathogenic bacteria.

The findings are in line with previous studies.

Researchers also found that many of the bacteria found in public water pipes are actually present in the water, meaning that the pipes can carry a higher number of bacteria that cause disease.

The study’s authors say that they think these findings will help people understand how public water works, as well as help regulators and other health officials design public water infrastructure that is safe for everyone.

“It is a real shock,” Dr. Andrew Leggett, the study’s lead author, told The Associated Press.

“It is just really disturbing.”

The study also showed that pipes with PVC insulation, which protects them from the weather, were much less likely to contain high levels of these organisms.

The researchers say this is a problem because people living outside may not be aware of the risk of drinking contaminated water, and may not think they need to use filtering to prevent the spread of these harmful bacteria.

The researchers also found a correlation between pipes and a higher risk of pneumonia, which in turn is linked to the fact that these pipes are treated with chlorine.

This may be why some Chinese cities have stopped using chlorine.

The results of this study also show that pipes used in Chinese cities can contain a high number of microbes that can be harmful to people and the environment.

This means that pipes in China are more likely to have high levels than those used in other countries.

In China, this study found that a pipe in the same household can carry as many as 300,000 bacteria.

So, for a home to have more people living inside, they’ll need to have many pipes in their homes, which adds up to a lot of bacteria.

There is also the issue of how long pipes last.

In general, the longer a pipe is, the higher the chance of it becoming contaminated with bacteria, the researchers said.

This study is a reminder that public water services are just a part of a larger ecosystem.

As a nation, we’re all connected and we’re going to need to do a lot more to address the root cause of the water contamination in China, Leggitt said.

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