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Plumbing Service Reload Plumbing inspection bill ‘could take us a decade’ to pass

Plumbing inspection bill ‘could take us a decade’ to pass

By DANIEL BUCKLEY and JEREMY HAGENBACHMANENICUSLENNY NEW YORK, Aug 23 (Reuters) – New York’s governor said on Monday that the state would consider passing a bill that would require plumbers to have their licenses renewed every two years, a move some have said could take New York years to reach a final vote.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has already signed a bill requiring all New Yorkers to renew their plumber’s licenses within two years of becoming licensed.

The bill has bipartisan support, but some lawmakers have said they are concerned about the cost.

It’s not a bad idea, Cuomo said, adding that it would help the state meet its goal of reducing the number of plumbers who don’t have licenses.

The state has about 7,000 plumbers and the average age of a plumber is 72, Cuomo told a news conference.

The Cuomo administration has said it has been working on a bill for more than a year.

A number of Democrats have called for the legislation to be postponed because of budget constraints, and the bill has already passed the Senate, but the governor’s office said it is considering a delay.

The measure would require all plumbers in the state to have a license renewal every two and a half years, Cuomo added.

Plumbers who aren’t renewing their licenses must submit to a state inspection, and those who do not meet the new requirements will be fined up to $1,000.

Cuomo’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the Senate this week, Republican Senator Joseph A. Bartolomei proposed a bill to require a license for all New York plumbers, but it did not pass, with Republicans voting against it.

The bill would require a minimum of 12 months of training to be provided to new plumbers.

The governor’s administration is trying to push for the bill to be passed in the Assembly this year, and he could sign it as early as next week.

The measure would have to go to a vote in both houses, which could take months.

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