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Plumbing Service Water treatment What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

The answer is: almost anything.

We asked more than 2,500 people what they think of their worst job.

The results reveal a surprising mix of common responses: the most common responses are in fact highly positive.

But it’s not just job titles, either.

A few of the most popular responses include: the job of a bartender, the job you had as a waiter, the gig you worked as a manager, and the job your boss did as a director.

What’s more, people often say that they’d rather have a good job than a bad one.

“The most common response to ‘what is the best job I’ve ever done’ is, ‘I wish I had done it’,” says David Goulston, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley.

“People love it.”

The jobs that people are most likely to say they could never do The survey also found that there are some jobs that are just too difficult to imagine, such as being a lawyer.

The survey asked people how they would describe the job that they have had for at least five years, and it found that many people had never done one of these jobs.

They also said they couldn’t imagine any of them.

For example, a surveyor who has worked in mining said that he was never able to “get a good picture of a mine site in real time”.

The job of an engineer also fell short of the ideal.

“I don’t know if I would have ever worked for a company that wanted to build something like this,” he said.

“Even when I was younger, I couldn’t really imagine how it would work.”

A person who works in a factory said that, in order to do the job, they had to be “very technical and really know how to operate machines”.

“I was the only one with a background in this area that wasn’t from the mining industry,” he told us.

But he admitted that he could imagine a job in which he could “work remotely from my home office, so that would be an ideal job.”

Job titles were not the only thing people thought they couldn ‘never’ do.

Some of the responses also said that they couldn´t imagine being in a different job altogether, such a waitress or a doctor.

But there were some people who said that the most likely job they would have had was to do something for a charity.

“If I had to describe my job, it would probably be something like being a volunteer or a volunteer cook,” one respondent said.

Other responses included working as a janitor, or in a nursing home.

Some people had no idea that there were any jobs out there that would allow them to do that.

But if you do ever find yourself at a desk in the future, you should definitely consider what job you’d like to do, and if it’s something you can’t imagine doing, ask yourself what you could do.

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