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How to fix your plumbing in your home

When it comes to plumbing, the best way to go about fixing a leak is to do nothing at all.

“If you have the plumbing and don’t fix it, you’re not fixing the problem,” says Paul Nettleton, a certified plumber with The Plumbing Consultants, an industry leader in plumbing service.

“The best way is to make sure you have your plumbing properly repaired.”

Here are five things you should know about plumbing repair.


Most plumbers won’t let you fix a leak without paying them a fee.

The average cost for a plumbing fix in the United States is around $50.

If you have more than one leak in your house, your total bill is usually around $150.

But you can still get a discount by paying the contractor for the work.


Some plumbers don’t want to fix a problem unless it’s caused by someone else.

If a home has a sewer leak, a common practice is to leave it in for a while to allow the water to drain.

The result?

It’ll look bad.

But when it comes time to fix the problem, most contractors will charge a $100 deposit on a leak repair.

“That’s a fee that is very low, but it is still a fee,” Nettaton says.

“I’ve seen some of the big plumbers actually charge over $1,000 for the leak repair and then say, ‘If you can fix it yourself, why don’t you just call the plumber?'”


Plumbers can be slow to diagnose a leak.

Even if you’ve fixed the problem and a repair is completed within 24 hours, there’s always a chance that someone else is responsible for the problem.

So, if you’re unsure, ask your plumber if you can do a test yourself.

“Most plumbers are good at diagnosing problems, but they don’t always have the time to do that,” Nellton says.

If your plumbers doesn’t have the knowledge to fix it for you, ask if they have a trained professional with them who can do the job for you.


Plumbing companies are very selective when they hire plumbers.

There are only a handful of plumbing contractors that specialize in plumbing, according to Nettington.

“They want to hire people who can repair a home or repair the plumbing system, not people who have experience working in other plumbing areas,” he says.

Some contractors also only hire plumber students or people with some college degree, Nettette says.


The best way for plumbing to stay in tip-top condition is to pay attention to it.

If there’s a problem, fix it.

Even though it may not be obvious at first, it’s important to pay special attention to the plumbing to ensure it’s properly fixed, Nellons says.

You may not notice a problem until you try to fix another problem or when your house dries up, he says, and then you’ll see signs that say, “It’s leaking.”

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