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Plumbing Service Blog Trump says he’s not interested in rebuilding America

Trump says he’s not interested in rebuilding America

Donald Trump said Tuesday that he has no interest in rebuilding the U.S. and that he would not be putting his country’s interests ahead of the needs of the American people.

“I don’t care about rebuilding,” the presumptive Republican nominee told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“There is no rebuilding.”

Trump has been dogged by criticism from Republicans in Congress for proposing a massive overhaul of the U: tax code, immigration policies and the military.

And he has been accused of having a pattern of using taxpayer dollars to promote his business interests.

“We need to rebuild America, and I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to be putting our country’s needs ahead of anybody’s,” Trump said in the interview, which was released Tuesday night.

“You can’t build a wall on the Mexican border, you can’t deport 11 million people, you have to get rid of the drugs and the crime.

That’s not going in.”

In his interview with Stephanopoulos, Trump acknowledged that rebuilding is a “complex issue,” but also said it would require a lot of effort.

“People are looking for an answer right now,” Trump told Stephanopoulos during the interview.

“They want to get back to what they know.”

The former reality TV star also said he would make sure the U is not at war with Mexico, which is an idea that has drawn criticism from lawmakers.

“If Mexico goes to war with us, it will be a disaster,” he said.

“The Mexican people want peace.

They want to have a country of their own, not one of the United States.

It’ll be an even bigger problem.”

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