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Why are they still building the wall?

On the night of August 29, the night the Israeli military invaded Lebanon, Benjamin Franklin walked into a hotel room in Damascus, Lebanon, to deliver a message.

It was the third time Franklin had spoken to the Syrian people since he was arrested in the US in 1961.

He was the last American to visit the country, but it was his last chance to reach the Lebanese people.

After his arrest, Franklin and two of his closest friends, the Irish philosopher, journalist, and poet John Ruskin and English author Sir Walter Scott, were flown to Beirut and handed over to Lebanese forces.

Franklin spent several weeks in jail, and was eventually released in 1962.

After the war, Franklin continued to write about his experiences, but also continued to speak about the war and the Lebanese war.

In his book, A Letter to My Friend, Franklin wrote: When I went to Beirut, I knew nothing about it, and I had not heard a word about it.

It is not in the world that there are people, and the world has not heard of them.

This is the greatest and most terrible misfortune of all that I have seen, that is, in my life, a war.

In the years following Franklin’s visit to Beirut in 1962, the US military invaded and occupied the country.

The Syrian government fought back, and by the early 1970s, Hezbollah had been established as the dominant political force in the country’s northern desert.

After decades of war and a failed cease-fire, Hezbollah and Israel have continued to fight, with Hezbollah taking a series of victories against Israel.

In 2009, the two sides exchanged a series in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

In December 2015, Israel and Hezbollah declared a ceasefire and peace agreement.

But for all of the victories, the war with Hezbollah has had a devastating impact on the Lebanese economy, particularly in the southern part of the country and in the area around the city of Sidon, a border crossing with Syria.

The Lebanese economy is heavily dependent on trade and exports. 

According to the International Monetary Fund, the country is the seventh-largest economy in the Middle East, accounting for $10.3 billion in exports in 2015.

In the 1990s, Lebanese exports to the US were about $4.5 billion, according to the Brookings Institution, while imports were about a quarter of that amount. 

In addition to the trade and economic impact, the conflict has also left the Lebanese in the middle of a major humanitarian crisis.

Lebanon has an estimated 11 million people displaced by the war; more than 4 million people are internally displaced, and 1.8 million people have fled the country altogether.

Since the start of the war in 2015, Lebanon has lost an estimated 6,000 lives, according the UN.

Many of the refugees are Syrians fleeing the civil war.

A UN report in 2016 stated that at least 10 percent of the displaced population in Lebanon were women, children, and older people, many of whom are women and children with disabilities.

While the number of Lebanese refugees in Lebanon is growing, the number being resettled in the United States has remained stable, with a total of 7,904 Syrian refugees resettling in the U.S. in fiscal year 2017.

Despite the current crisis, many Americans have been taking the opportunity to celebrate the fact that their president is still alive and alive to be talking about the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. 

The Israeli military, meanwhile, has been busy preparing for a possible military strike on Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

According to a recent report from the International Crisis Group, Israel has already started preparing for potential military action against Iran.

The report states that Israel will be “ready to launch an attack” against Iran, which is “one of the main reasons why the US and its allies are reluctant to allow Iran to re-enter the international financial system.”

The report goes on to state that Israel’s plans are to “launch attacks in the Strait of Hormuz, the Red Sea, and beyond, all of which are vital to the security of the region and the United Nations.”

Israel has also been planning a possible nuclear attack against Iran in the near future.

In a statement to the Israeli media, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he had “considered the possibility of launching a strike” against Tehran “as soon as possible” after the Iranian regime was re-elected. 

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is seen in a video on August 22, 2018, in Jerusalem. 

 The United States, Israel, and Iran have also been engaged in a series for years in talks to resolve their differences.

In May 2017, a six-nation nuclear agreement was reached between Iran and six world powers, including the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, and Germany.

That deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, included the lifting of sanctions against Iran by the United Nation, the European Union, and a number of non-

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