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What you need to know about plumbing supplies

Advanced plumbing vent diagrams are helpful when installing new plumbing in your home.

They can help you determine what the vent diameter will be and help you identify the type of vent pipe that you need.

Here are some tips for installing new or modified vent piping in your house.


Check the diameter of the vent pipe and the size of the metal pieces.

If the vent piping is in the upper third of the pipe, the vent will need to be installed in a smaller diameter vent pipe.

If it’s in the lower third of a vent pipe, a larger diameter vent will be required.

If you have an existing vent in your bathroom or shower, a smaller vent will likely be necessary.


Measure the diameter and the diameter at the same time.

Measure at least one of the measurements from the top of the PVC pipe to the bottom of the hole in the wall.

If one of those measurements is less than one-quarter of the diameter, you can use a “slider” to adjust the vent to fit the smaller diameter pipe.


Look for a vent that fits snugly around the pipe.

This is often referred to as a “tight fitting” vent.

This means that the vent is not too snug around the vent, which can help the ventilation to run smoothly.

If your vent pipe does not fit tightly around the wall, you may need to adjust your vent to the next diameter vent.

If this happens, you will have to remove the old vent and install a new vent.


If there is a leak, check to see if it is a pipe leak or a valve.

A pipe leak can happen when a leaky pipe comes loose or the valve on a pipe breaks.

A valve leak is when a valve or pipe breaks due to pressure buildup.

If a leak is the cause of a valve leak, you must replace the valve or the pipe and replace the pipe or valve.

If an old valve or piping leaks, you should replace the old pipe or the old valve.

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