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Man says he made $20,000 from plumbing company selling his home

Posted May 03, 2018 06:07:54A plumbing contractor has said he made a fortune selling his house to another homeowner, who was using the property to store his son’s drugs.

Tommy Epps, the owner of a home inspection company in St. Paul, Minnesota, sold the home in October 2016 to a woman who was selling her belongings and belongings of her son, and he said she was selling the home as a drug den, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

Epps said he paid $20 a month to rent the house to the woman.

He said he thought he was paying $10 a month for the service, but he was told the rent was for a year, according to the AP.

Epps said the house is a little less than a quarter of an acre, so the cost was just $15 a month.

The man who bought the house was unaware that the home had been rented out to a drug dealer, Epps told the AP, and that’s when he began selling his property.

The home inspection contractor was also working on the property, and when the woman moved in, he realized he was not the only one with a problem, he told the newspaper.

He was then contacted by a woman he knew who had a boyfriend, who had moved into the house, he said.

Eets’ business was called, and the two talked about selling the property together, he explained.

He eventually convinced the woman to give up her boyfriend, and they got a new lease on the house in July 2018, Eets said.

He said he was able to use the money to buy a new home.

The woman who moved in had used the property as a warehouse, and now she’s renting it out, he added.

The woman’s boyfriend was living there.

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