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How Ben Franklin’s plumbing helped him survive cancer

Benjamin Franklin, the 18th president of the United States, is remembered for his ability to perform plumbing work without tools and without needing to do it in his own home.

In his capacity as president, Franklin had the ability to construct his own plumbing fixtures.

In the 1800s, Franklin built a small house in Philadelphia with a well for his drinking water.

He also used the same method to create a small garden.

Franklin’s family would go on to build a home in Franklin’s hometown of Boston, and he lived there until his death in 1793.

In the early 20th century, Franklin’s ability to build his own water pipes helped him in a time of scarcity.

A lack of water forced Franklin to build the first electric pumps and he had to use electricity to power his plumbing.

His wife, Frances, was able to have her own house built with electricity.

Franklin was a pioneer in the development of the modern electric power system and the electrical power grid.

In 1810, Franklin was working in the basement of his house when he discovered the water supply for his family was not working.

The problem was, the water had not been pumped into the house for several weeks.

Franklin and his wife were both suffering from rheumatic fever, and Franklin’s wife was unable to take any medicines.

Franklin immediately decided to go to the doctor.

He told the doctor that he needed a new water supply.

The doctor prescribed a pump and Franklin used it to pump water into his house.

Franklin believed he had discovered a cure for rheumatism and he was in a good mood when he was given a clean bill of health.

In January 1821, Franklin visited a local tavern where he took his new water source to work.

After he finished his work, Franklin returned to his home and returned to the house where he had built his well.

He returned to Franklin’s home and started using his new pump to pump fresh water into the basement.

He installed the pump, installed a tap and connected it to a pipe to his basement and he began using the new water in his house for drinking and cooking.

He then began using a pipe from his kitchen sink to pump his new well water.

Franklin had no idea what would happen next.

The pressure of water pumping would cause Franklin to go into a deep coma, but he was conscious.

Franklin suffered severe headaches and the symptoms persisted for about a month.

After a few weeks, Franklin recovered and he told his wife he was relieved.

The headaches and headaches subsided, but Franklin was still in a deep state of unconsciousness.

Franklin recovered in the fall of 1822 and he continued to be in a state of profound coma for the next eight months.

Franklin did not awaken until his wife told him she had miscarried.

In 1824, Franklin died.

Franklin spent the next four months in the hospital, but no one believed he was dead until the following spring.

Franklin remained in a coma for nearly two more months before he was discharged from the hospital.

Franklin also did not wake up until his third birthday, but his wife woke up in a dream and Franklin realized he was alive.

The next three years would be a slow process.

Franklin regained consciousness, but after a few days he started getting some movement.

Franklin decided to give the operation a try.

He took a piece of wood, cut it into pieces and used them to build and install a pipe.

The pipe became his new life.

Franklin returned home and began to live his life.

In January 1826, Franklin married Frances.

Franklin became an active member of the Methodist Church and lived in a house in the Philadelphia neighborhood of North Philadelphia.

The couple would later move to Boston.

Franklin went on to serve in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812 and he returned to Philadelphia in 1827 to work as a pipe installer.

He would later become a famous and wealthy businessman.

Franklin died in 1846.

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