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Plumbing Service Water treatment The Phoenix plumbing camera has a lot of new tricks

The Phoenix plumbing camera has a lot of new tricks

The Phoenix Police Department has installed a camera that can capture images of the interior of a house with a 1-inch wide-angle lens, which could be useful in building a crime scene, according to a police report obtained by

The new camera is installed on a new camera, which has a 1.4-inch lens.

Police also have installed an infrared camera, according a police department statement.

Police said the cameras can be used to help solve crimes and can be activated by anyone within a 100-foot radius.

The cameras are part of an effort by the Phoenix Police to expand their surveillance capability.

The department was the first to install a camera in February.

The installation was done on a second camera in the basement of a home, which the department has dubbed the “Phoenix 1.”

The camera was purchased through a Department of Homeland Security grant, which was approved by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

The new cameras are made of a new type of plastic that has an internal light source that allows them to be easily visible.

The sensors in the new cameras were installed by a company called Glimmer Light, which is part of the company that makes the Phoenix 1 camera.

The video captures images of all of the inside of the house, including the front door, and the windows.

The camera will also capture footage of any suspicious items found in the house.

The cameras are expected to be installed within two years.

The first two cameras are being used to take surveillance footage of the home’s exterior.

They will also be used in the “investigation of crimes.”

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