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Plumbing Service Reload Why is the government giving away free dental care?

Why is the government giving away free dental care?

Plumb, the government-owned dental care service, announced Monday it will give away free dentures and dental implants, as part of a push to combat the epidemic of dental decay.

The announcement comes as dental rates continue to rise in Ontario, where the total cost of a dental visit is around $1,300.

While it’s not clear how many people will be offered the free denture and implant programs, health officials are hoping the program will encourage people to seek out services and stay healthy.

The health ministry says the program is part of its effort to encourage healthier habits and to reduce dental caries.

It also said it will work with dentists to increase access to free dental work and to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Health Minister Deb Matthews said the goal is to reach every single Ontarian in the province by 2021.

“The government has invested in this program with the hope that by offering dental care for free, people will have the opportunity to get the dental work they need to stay healthy,” Matthews said in a statement.

“We will be looking to see if we can expand this to other regions of Ontario, as well.”

This program is designed to help people stay healthy by providing access to the services they need in order to maintain their dental health.

“Ontario has been hit hard by the increasing number of cases of cavities in the last year, but experts are warning the crisis could worsen if there are not more treatments available.

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Oral Health last month found that as many as half of all adults in the country have cavities.

New York has the highest number of cavions, with one in every five people.

The Canadian government estimates the average person with cavities will have them at least once a month for the next 20 years.

In the U.S., the average annual cost of cavitations is $3,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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