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Plumbing Service Water treatment Why the sharks are biting you

Why the sharks are biting you

The bite marks are visible, and the bites can be excruciating.

But this is not a shark attack.

It’s a shark infestation.

This is the reality of the life cycle of the white shark, and it has been documented for over a decade.

White sharks are apex predators.

They eat fish and prey on seals, sea turtles and other large mammals.

They live in the ocean depths and eat fish that live at higher elevations.

White shark populations are increasing at an alarming rate.

They’re at record levels in some places.

They are being targeted by the Canadian government.

“White sharks are very popular in many parts of the world,” said Bruce Linton, a researcher with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a group that tracks white shark populations.

“They’re very popular for eating, they’re very, very popular to kill, and they’re really good for research.

They’ve got a lot of potential to really impact the ecosystem.”

White sharks aren’t as aggressive as their black and grey cousins, but they do get bigger and can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

This makes them dangerous to humans, too.

The biggest white shark ever captured, the white tiger shark, weighed 3,800 kilograms in 2012.

The big one was a little over a year later.

And they’re still getting bigger.

White Shark Facts white shark in the wild

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