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Why the new Nike Air Max is so much better than the old

When you think of Nike’s Air Max 1 sneakers, it’s a familiar name: they’re a mid-air shoe.

But the Nike Air X, the company’s newest sneaker, is a completely different animal altogether.

The Air X is the first sneaker to feature a “double fold” design that allows the shoe to fold up in a much better way than its predecessors.

This makes for a much sleeker shoe, and the double fold is what sets the Air X apart from the others.

Here’s a closer look at the new Air X.

Read full review The Air Max1s Air Max sneakers come in three colorways.

They come in black, grey, and white, with the Black version featuring a “Nike logo” on the heel and a black upper.

The Grey Air Max comes in a navy and grey colorway, while the white Air Max features a white upper and black heel.

There’s also a “MVP” colorway of the Air Max, which features an all-black upper and an all white heel.

The Nike Air MAX 1 is available in black and grey.

The new Air Maxs are available in four colorways: black, gray, navy, and “MVE” (Mid-Weight).

The black Air Max will cost $140.00 on Amazon, while white and grey Air Maxes will cost just $150.00.

Nike has already announced that the new “Mvp” colorways will be available in late September, but it’s worth noting that the Air MAX1 will be one of only three pairs of the shoes to receive the Nike-designed “MADE IN THE USA” branding.

The Air Max “MV” color is the only “M” color available in the shoe, while all other colorways of the shoe will be limited to one “M,” a reference to Nike’s famous “Made in the USA” logo.

The “MVC” color, meanwhile, is the most limited edition color, and is only available in grey and navy.

The only other “Mv” color offered in the AirMax is the grey “M”, and that color is exclusive to the AirMAX1.

The shoe’s sole is made from a polyurethane material that is actually made from rubber.

The material was designed to provide a durable, waterproof, and flexible sole, and Nike has said that the “mold-resistant polyuretha” (MRP) will be the sole material used in the shoes’ upper.

A nylon upper, however, is also being used.

Both the shoes and the MRP will be offered in black or grey, with “MVD” being available in white.

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